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Sport Mission is 360° Board Sport. We are specialized in all the sports you can do with a board, from Kitesurfing to Wakeboard, from Snowboard to Skate, from SUP (Stand Up Paddle) to Surfing. We are in Milan in Viale Fulvio Testi 216 and since 2003 we have been dealing with all the sports you can practice on water and on snow. Our devotion to the water element, both liquid and solid, and for all the infinite ways to ride it, has led us create our store with the idea of ​​becoming a great gathering point for our friends and customers.

Being the first of the practitioners, naturally leads us to put ourselves on the side of our customers, trying to provide the best service to those who practice both winter and summer sports through timely after-sales assistance and an immense choice of products and brands always at a fair price level. Our goal is to make every customer a happy surfer and maybe a future friend.

We went beyond the simple surf & snow shop or the shops that deal with these disciplines: we were transformed first of all into a meeting point for fans of board sports and then in one of the most visited online stores of all board sports. Today people meet with us, they go on holiday together and sometimes they get engaged, too! Just come on a Thursday night in Milan to realize it!

Our team always increases, with always different
people, but with a common point: to find customers of our stores not only kite but also simplicity, sympathy and desire to find together the right equipment for a new adventure!


Always in the world of board sports, 25 years of snowboarding, 20 years of windsurfing, 12 years of kite, and many more of skate and wake. Curious, he knows how everything works and he knows how to solve technical problems because he was the first to disassemble and reassemble everything!


Over 15 years of snowboarding and 7 of wakeboarding and a great experience in the shops, together with an infectious smile and a zen calm, make Fabiano the ideal person to ask everything that comes to your mind to choose the your new gear. Attention at 19:00 he goes to the bathroom and you can't find him anymore .....


He knows all sports by heart and meticulous like his aunt maria, he remembers all the problems of the customers and always wants them to be happy, he will call you back; always even if you asked him how to change a tire.


The super technical, you always need one like this !!! The Pela has been working with us for about three years but he is in the industry since it exists, it knows everything about Skate and Snow because he is born there but, now he pays us also on the rest, do you want to know who designed a jacket, if the wood of your table is of spruce or South African ash, if the spoiler is nylon or ABS, there is no problem .... In short, a cagacazzo but if you want an answer he is like the oracle pay attention to what you ask .....

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